Watch These Construction Workers Send An Incredible Message To This Little Girl To Up Her Hopes.. I’m Crying Now!


Us construction workers are famous for being tough and no-nonsense talking people. We are hardworking and we sometimes are mistaken for being cold in the most emotional situations.

Well, let me tell you that if you think like this, after watching this video you will not only change your mind but also you will think otherwise. We are a little bit shy, but we love tradition, values and helping people.

Vivian Keith is a two and a half year old little girl who suffers from leukemia. She is being treated in a hospital that is exactly in front of a construction site. She used to wave every day to the workers warming their hearts and didn’t stop waving until at least one of the workers waved back.

But one day after waving for several minutes to the workers, something changed:

If you know people who you think this video can help, please do no not hesitate to share it, like it and comment on it. Why? Because in that way we will spread not only love but the idea that construction workers are good and kind people.

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