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Our mission is simple: we love work boots and we strive to give the best advice to people about what work boots to get.

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Our team is filled with professionals and tradesmen who, as a side gig, are contributors to this website where they write engaging articles and reviews about boots.

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Our vision is to build a website where peoples from all over the world can get good-quality advice and unbiased reviews about working boots.

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Jack Sanders

Hello, I’m Jack, the founder and editor-in-chief of After my friend convinced me, I took control of my life and created this site to share insider tips with skilled trade workers. Today’s internet is filled with low-quality content, hindering rather than helping. Creating this site required trial and error, but I’m grateful for the chance to share my thoughts and advice. Over the years, my team and I have helped thousands progress in their skilled trade careers, fostering happier lives.

Here, we provide unbiased advice to help you improve your work life. Our focus is on your comfort, safety, and simplicity. We offer practical tips for real workers and provide step-by-step guides for achieving your goals. 🛠️👢

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