9 Things About Rookies That Pisses Off Construction Workers

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Last Updated on February 23, 2024 by Joe Strong

Pissing off your co-construction workers in your first day at the job site is not something good for you. Not now or ever.

Particularly in the construction industry, if you piss off someone he will let you know quickly by shouting at you or giving you a bad look. Which is not a good experience to have.

Making your colleagues mad is not smart and you should try to avoid it with all your effort.

Luckily for you, I made this post letting you know the 9 things about rookies are that pisses off construction workers, so you know what not to do.

1-     Standing around with your arms crossed after ending a task instead of asking what’s next.

There is nothing more annoying that seeing the new guy with his arms closed, not doing anything, and waiting for some of the most skilled workers to tell him what he has to do next.

If you do this, your fellow coworkers will think very badly of you very fast.

Remember, try to ask questions on what to do next. And in case you don’t know how, ask for help on that too.

2-     Using your cellphone at your jobsite.

Have you ever texted at a construction site? Yes? Well, stop that. It’s very irritating and will not help you in any form or way.

Even if you are on a break, using your cellphone at work when everybody else is working is not a smart move. People see you as lazy and less professional.

If you do this or think that you might, maybe leaving your cellphone at home or in your car is a good idea.

I know it may sound extreme, but you will thank me later.

3-     Leaving your tools on the ladder.

I’ve seen lots of rookies leaving tools laid on essential parts of a construction site, like in the ladder.

I know it may sound like a good ideas, but..

This action will get your coworkers very angry at you. I mean, just think for a second on how important is a ladder on a construction site and you will understand that leaving your work instruments on it is both dangerous and very stupid.

A good thing to do if you want to avoid this huge error is trying to keep your tools only in a certain place that is accessible for you.

4-     Interrupting the guy who’s explaining what you have to do and how.

Being interrupted when trying to explain something to someone that doesn’t know what he’s doing is very frustrating. I mean, VERY FRUSTRATING.

This is one of the things that pisses me the most about rookies. I hate to be interrupted, and that feeling is multiplied when the interruption happens in a middle of me explaining something.

Remember, even if you know exactly what the man who’s trying to help you is going to say, let him talk all the way. Listen to every carefully.

I can guarantee you 100% that you will discover something you didn’t know about and you won’t get on the nerves of no one.

5-     Stand in the way of the people that are actually doing work.

Do you like people standing in your way when you are walking in your house or in the street? No? Well, the same thing happens at a construction site.

Your colleagues won’t appreciate you being an obstacle for them when they’re trying to do their jobs correctly.

Remember, pay extra attention your first days at your construction job and try not to be in anyone’s way!

6-     Leaving tools on the ground instead of in the place they’re supposed to go.

Just like standing in the way of someone, leaving tools on the ground without being careful is both dangerous and very infuriating.

I’ve seen too many accidents caused by this mistake, and I can assure you that those are very common in construction sites.

Next time you are in your new construction job, think of this fault and try to avoid it by placing your work instruments in a certain place of your jobsite.

7-     Not asking for help when you know you’re doing something wrong.

The skilled construction workers are there not only to do their jobs but also to train the rookies.

I mean, if you are a rookie and you know you are screwing things up, please ask someone who knows what he’s doing for help on how to do your task. There is no shame in it.

Be a man, fight your shyness and ask for help.

8-     Disappearing for long periods of time.

You’re being paid to work, not to disappear the first time you got to do your own thing.

I get very angry when I go send the rookie to do a job to find that he’s not even near me.

The first couple of days you are supposed to get trained by the so-called “pro’s”. Stick close to them, try not to be annoying, and right after you finish your task, ask what to do next and how to do it.

9-     Borrowing coworker’s tools and not giving them back in proper time or conditions.

Do you like to lend things that are of your property to never get them back or receive them in bad conditions?

No? Well, neither does the rest of the world.

So next time you borrow a tool, either a screwdriver or whatever, remember to give it back on time, in the same conditions you received it and with the proper thanks given to whoever lend the tool to you.


We construction workers are pretty good guys. But if you need to know something about us, understand that we like to do our jobs efficiently with no nonsense that can harm our performance.

We hate stupidity and we despise being irritated by these dumb mistakes rookies make.

So now you know, in your first days at work remember to engrave these 9 mistakes in your brain, so you know what to do (work hard) and what not to do.

Otherwise, everybody will hate you!


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