Are Wolverine Good Work Boots?

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Last Updated on February 20, 2024 by Boots Guru

You might be looking for a new pair of work boots and wondering if Wolverine work boots are actually good, as many people say.

Sadly, there isn’t much information online that goes in-depth to answer the question, “are Wolverine work boots good?”.

So, I thought it could be nice to share a bit of my experience in the work boot world and try to answer that question as best as I can.

Key Features of Wolverine Work Boots

These key features make Wolverine work boots stand out from the competition.

Wolverine Durashock Outsoles

The Wolverine Durashock outsoles are manufactured with a proprietary technology that allows them to be one of the best around.

For once, thanks to their deep lugs that channel liquid away, they provide excellent traction on slippery and harsh surfaces, which is key to transferring confidence and avoiding slips and falls.

Also, this technology allows the soles to be very durable; even after years of excessive demand, the outsoles will stay as good as new, providing perfect traction on all surfaces.

So, if you’re looking for a work boot with reliable outsoles, you might have found the best brand for you: Wolverine.

Wolverine MultiShox Midsoles

What better way of ensuring that your feet and knees will avoid stress than by getting work boots manufactured with great midsoles.

Well, it seems that the guys at Wolverine took things a step forward by creating the Wolverine “MultiShox” midsoles which are on a whole other level.

These midsoles have individual compression pads all across the outsoles, which have two main benefits:

  • Total comfort: Thanks to the added padding, the work boots feel very comfortable when walking around or standing. An essential feature to avoid foot soreness and fatigue
  • Shock absorption: The midsoles are responsible for taking the shocks generated by walking on hard surfaces, transforming them, and returning them to the feet and joints without stressing or hurting them

Wolverine Contour Welt Construction

There is an unspoken rule in the safety footwear industry: if the work boots are well-constructed, they will be stiff and bulky as hell.

Well, the guys at Wolverine didn’t like that, so they created the Wolverine “Contour Welt” construction.

This construction takes the best out of the current construction methods (Goodyear Welt, Cement Heel, etc.), leaving the bad stuff behind.

That’s how they created a construction method that is known as being very durable without adding excessive weight or stiffness to the work boots, which explains how they manufacture such protective, flexible, and durable work boots!

Why are Wolverine Work Boots Good?

Here are some reasons why Wolverine work boots are considered the best.


Comfort is essential in work boots, as it allows your feet to rest and recover while you spend most of your workday standing up or walking around on hard surfaces.

Luckily for us, Wolverine has invested millions of dollars in creating some of the most comfortable work boots you could get nowadays.

With features such as Ortholite footbeds and shock-absorbing midsoles, their work boots allow the feet and knees to avoid the stress from walking all day long on hard surfaces.

Moreover, they are manufactured with durable yet lightweight materials, which makes their work boots substantially lighter than the competition.

I mean, who wants to carry heavy boots around… right?


Wolverine work boots come with a plethora of protective surfaces that allow workers to confidently do their jobs without worrying about getting injured.

For once, they have features such as safety toe caps (either made of steel or composite material) which successfully protect the toe box area to keep your toes safe from getting crushed by heavy falling objects.

Additionally, Wolverine work boots usually come with slip and oil-resistant outsoles which provide excellent traction on wet surfaces to prevent injuries from taking place.


Nobody wants to waste their hard-earned money on work boots that don’t last more than a year.

Luckily for us, Wolverine work boots are known for lasting much more than that due to their unique features.

I mean, most of their boots are manufactured with top-quality materials such as full grain leather and denier nylon which enhance the ruggedness of the boots without making them bulky or heavy.

Moreover, Wolverine is known for being excellent when it comes to its customer service. So, if you are unlucky and get a defective pair of work boots, they’ll swiftly replace it!

Latest Technologies

Like we said earlier, Wolverine work boots have a lot of technology-related features that allow them to stand out from the competition.

For once, their Durashock outsoles are responsible for providing excellent traction on slippery surfaces, which is critical to avoiding unwanted injuries.

Moreover, the MultiShox midsoles return energy to the feet and joints when walking on hard surfaces, which is essential to prevent short-term (i.e., sore feet) and long-term (i.e., plantar fasciitis) issues.

Last but not least, the Wolverine Contour Welt construction is key to offering a durable work boot that isn’t too heavy or bulky on the feet.

Why are Wolverine Work Boots Bad?

Some people believe Wolverine work boots are not that great. Let’s discuss their reasons.


We all know that dropping a few hundred dollars on a pair of work boots is a bit hard in this tough economy.

And that’s exactly what Wolverine asks for us, as its work boots are usually priced at that price point which is a bit frustrating for us tradespeople.

Yet you have to give it to them; their work boots are worth it. It’s going to be pretty hard to find such good work boots with such amazing features from other brands!

Break In Time

Feeling your feet hurt during the break-in period of your new pair of work boots is one of the hardest things to do.

Sadly, Wolverine work boots will almost indeed present you with this issue as they are manufactured, for the most part, with top-quality materials (i.e., full grain leather), which will take about two weeks to break in and contour to the shape of your feet.

So, if you’ve got an extra pair of old work boots laying around, then one great idea would be to alternate them with your new pair of Wolverine work boots, so you don’t have to deal with blisters and similar issues.

Comparison Table

Wolverine Work Boots ProsWolverine Work Boots Cons
Extremely ComfortableBit Pricey
Highly Protective2-week Break In Period
Latest Technologies

Are Wolverine Good Work Boots?

So, are Wolverine work boots good?

Well, I think they pretty much are.

But let me explain.

I know they are a bit pricey and hard to break in, yet their pros overshadow the cons by a comfortable margin.

For me, their Durashock outsoles are one of the best features Wolverine work boots have, as they provide excellent traction on slippery surfaces. A key feature to keep workers away from the hospital.

Moreover, their boots are manufactured with cushioned footbeds and shock-absorbing midsoles, two essential features in work boots to deliver a base level of comfort.

Last but not least, Wolverine work boots are praised all around America for being very durable, which is very important for a tradesman that works day in and day out to bring food to the table and doesn’t want to waste their hard-earned money on subpar safety footwear.

So, yeah, I’d say Wolverine work boots are one of the best around.

What Industries are Wolverine Boots Good for?

Are Wolverine Good Work Boots?

Wolverine work boots are ideal for many industries because they are comfortable, protective, and durable.

I mean, you are exposed to slipping and falling when walking on slippery or uneven surfaces, which could end up with you laying on a bed at the hospital.

Well, Wolverine work boots come with oil and slip-resistant outsoles that securely grip to the surface thanks to their deep lugs. This allows workers to confidently walk on any surface without fear.

Also, if you work surrounded by heavy objects, as laboratory workers do, then those Wolverine work boots that come with safety toe caps (like the Wolverine Buccaneer Work Boots) will be vital in keeping your toes safe from getting crushed.

Even if you have to stand all day long on your feet, Wolverine work boots are there for you as they come with excellent ergonomic features such as their cushioned footbeds and shock-absorbing midsoles.

So, basically, there is a Wolverine work boot for any kind of worker. You just have to look for it.

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The Best Men’s Wolverine Work Boots

Wolverine Men’s Overpass 6″ Work Boots


  • Outsoles: Slip, oil, water, abrasion, and chemical-resistant outsoles
  • Footbeds: Ortholite cushioned footbeds
  • Toe caps: Composite safety toe caps

This Wolverine Overpass work boot is my favorite for tradesmen.

I mean, for once, it has Ortholite footbeds that cushion the base of the feet to prevent issues such as foot fatigue or soreness.

Regarding protection, these work boots have composite safety toe caps and slip, oil, abrasion, water, and chemical resistant outsoles that give workers the security that they won’t be facing severe injuries anytime soon.

Even though they aren’t known for being the most attractive work boots, they come manufactured with 100% waterproof leather that isn’t only very lightweight but also waterproof, which is always a nice feature, especially for workers that spend their workdays outdoors.

Last but not least, and to allow years of durability, the boots are manufactured with the so-called Wolverine Contour Welt construction that guarantees the materials will stay together strong, even after years of heavy use.


  • Manufactured with 100% waterproof leather and textile
  • Contour Welt construction is both flexible and very durable
  • Ortholite cushioned footbeds provide excellent cushioning
  • Slip, oil, water, abrasion, and chemical-resistant outsoles
  • Composite safety toe caps to avoid nasty toe injuries


  • Not the most attractive design

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are more than 8,095 reviews on about these work shoes at the time of writing, and they have given them a 4.4 out of 5 rating on average. The reviews of this pair of work shoes are positive overall.

The Best Women’s Wolverine Work Boots

Wolverine Women’s Floorhand 6″ Work Boots


  • Outsoles: Slip-resistant lug rubber outsoles
  • Footbeds: Cushioned footbeds
  • Toe caps: Steel toe caps

I believe these Wolverine Floorhand work boots are the best ones for female workers, at least based on what Wolverine has to offer.

Their steel toe caps are present to guarantee the female worker that her toes won’t get crushed by heavy falling tools.

Moreover, the boots have slip-resistant rubber outsoles with deep lugs to deliver perfect traction on wet surfaces, which is essential to avoid serious injuries.

To keep the feet dry, the boots have high-quality waterproof leather that doesn’t allow liquids to touch the feet.

Lastly, they are built with the Cement construction that takes both durability and lightness into consideration to achieve a pretty durable boot without being too bulky or heavy.


  • Manufactured with waterproof full grain leather to keep the feet dry at all times
  • Steel toe caps that provide maximum protection to the toe box area
  • Slip-resistant lug rubber outsoles that prevent slips and falls
  • Cement construction adds years of durability without making the boots bulky


  • Not for heavy work

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are more than 154 reviews on about these work shoes at the time of writing, and they have given them a 4.4 out of 5 rating on average. The reviews of this pair of work shoes are positive overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer the most frequent questions surrounding the discussion of whether Wolverine work boots are good or bad.

How long do Wolverine boots last?

This question is a bit difficult to answer as it will highly depend on how well you take care of your Wolverine work boots.

But, as a rule, Wolverine boots last for about 3 years when exposed to medium-high usage.

The good news is that this period can be substantially improved if you properly take care of your work boots.

I mean, if you frequently clean them and apply a thin layer of leather conditioner, your Wolverine work boots could last up to 10 years in some cases!

Where are Wolverines boots made?

Wolverine has its main factory in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

So, if you’re looking for a quality work boot made in America, then some select styles of Wolverine work boots might be the best choice for you.

Yet not all Wolverine work boots are made in America.

With the sole purpose of staying competitive in its pricing, Wolverine has been moving a good chunk of its manufacturing overseas in the last few years.

I know, I know… we don’t like cheap work boots made overseas.

Yet Wolverine has made an extra effort to ensure that their quality standards don’t suffer in the process, allowing them to still offer quality safety footwear at a reasonable price.

Are Wolverine work boots comfortable?

They most definitely are!

Thanks to features such as their cushioned footbeds and shock-absorbing midsoles, Wolverine work boots provide excellent arch support to prevent foot fatigue.

Do Wolverine boots have a lifetime warranty?

No, Wolverine work boots don’t usually have a lifetime warranty.

Instead, most of their work boots come with a 30-day comfort warranty and a 1-year standard warranty.


3 thoughts on “Are Wolverine Good Work Boots?”

  1. Hey check out the complaints on wolverine dura shock. I have been wearing them of 20 plus years . best boot I ever had but the last three pairs just come apart. As a manufacturing engineer I understand a few things about the injection molding process. the soles are not completely filled. pieces come off quickly. the inset portion of the boot separates from the main sole. I sent pics and they said it was my fault for not wearing them enough. As a life long customer and recommender I am done with this company. My past employer moved production to China in the late 90 s. we had the same problems. it is standard practice for Chinese manufacturers to sub materials. Please do not recommend this company or product because you will lose you creditability . Their quality and customer service means nothing to them

  2. Had a pair of pull on dress boots with Durashock soles. After several years the heels came loose. The material between the outer layer and the welt had rotted away. Only thing there were pieces of crumbled rubber. Same on both boots. Beautiful pair of boots to the dump. No more Wolverines for me.

  3. Wolverine boots are junk. High price. They will not refund. Or. Replace. There product. Give you. The. Run. Around,. Until. You. Give up. Scammer. Product from. China,. Junk. Junk. Buy. USA…. Not china. Wolverine


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