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Teachers are known for having to deal with a huge amount of issues on their daily basis in respect to their feet, such as:

  • Finding shoes that are both comfortable and look professional at the same time. (It’s almost impossible!)
  • Working a huge amount of their workdays on their feet, teaching or just helping students, with little to no rest
  • Most shoes recommended for teachers are made without taking into consideration the physiological differences men and women have in terms of their feet
  • Suffering the cold, rain or hot weathers with footwear that doesn’t have the proper insulation, breathability or waterproofing
  • Falling when walking on slippery surfaces, which could lead to serious injuries
  • Getting frustrated when their expensive pair of shoes doesn’t last as long as it is supposed to or doesn’t have the features teachers need to make their lives easier

Knowing that widely available features can solve all these issues, one would think the best shoes for teachers are easy to find.

However, that’s not the case, as I spent weeks testing and returning many shoes to arrive at the list of the best shoes for teachers so you didn’t have to throw away all the time and money I did.

List Of The Best Shoes For Teachers

This is the list of the best shoes for teachers I arrived at that gathered all the features needed and solved all the issues previously discussed:

1) Clarks Men’s Escalade Step Shoes For Teachers

Best Shoes For Teachers 1) Clarks Men

Comfort Features

The comfort with these shoes starts with their comfort footbeds that cushioned my feet in every step at took at my school.

They made a difference after having to stand on my feet for most of the day.

Teachers are sometimes exposed to hot and humid environments, which is why I liked how these Clarks Escalade shoes came with a 100% breathable leather which kept my shoes dry and smelling fresh through the workday.

Safety Features

Let’s picture this. A teacher slipping and getting injured after walking on some slippery surface at their school.

This types of situations are the ones that I always try to avoid, which is why I liked how these Clarks shoes came with flexible, non-marking outsoles that made the structure of the shoes much comfortable but also gave me the traction necessary to walk on any surface at the school without worries of slipping and getting injured.

Durability Features

We all appreciate it if the shoes we spend more than a hundred dollars on would last at least a few years, right?

Well, that’s exactly the deal you’d get with these Clarks Escalade shoes, as they have an easy-care leather that is not only easy to maintain in a good-looking state but is also pretty durable which makes the whole shoe’s structure very reliable.

Features and Specifications

  • 100% Breathable Leather
  • Synthetic Sole
  • Easy Care Leather
  • Flexible Sole
  • Non-Marking Outsole
  • Comfort Footbed

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are more than 2143 reviews in about this product at the time of writing and they have given it a 4.4 out of 5 rating on average.

2) Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Madison Fashion Shoes For Teachers

Best Shoes For Teachers 2) Dr. Scholl

Comfort Features

Even though most teachers are in love with what they do, there’s a high probability that they have a few headaches with their footwear from time to time.

This is why I loved these Dr. School Madison shoes for female teachers as they have memory foam insoles with extra cushioning in key zones of the feet which make these shoes particularly good for teachers as they spend most of their day on their feet.

Moreover, the shoes came with a super soft lining at the top collar which makes the experience of putting on and taking off the shoes much better.

Safety Features

There’s nothing worse than slipping at falling at the school where you work, which is why I appreciated how the guys at Dr. School added features such as synthetic soles which provide perfect traction for all surfaces without adding too much bulk to the shoes.

Durability Features

If you choose the wrong pair of shoes, there’s a big chance that the money spent on your expensive shoes for teachers will go down the drain.

This is why a smile comes up to my face when I hear that these shoes have attributes such as their rubber sidewalls and rubber soles as, in combination, create a rugged but flexible structure that makes the shoes very durable.

Features and Specifications

  • Synthetic Sole.
  • Memory Foam Cool Fit Insole.
  • Insole With 3 Distinct Zones, Designed For Maximum Comfort.
  • Super Soft Lining At Collar.
  • Rubber Sidewalls And Sole.

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are more than 3148 reviews in about this product at the time of writing and they have given it a 4.3 out of 5 rating on average.

3) Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoes For Teachers

Best Shoes For Teachers 3) Merrell Men

Comfort Features

No teacher should pass their workday using uncomfortable shoes as this is one of the most important parts of their shoes.

In regards to that, these Merrell Encore Gust shoes came with compression-molded EVA midsoles and ortholite footbeds with air cushioning in the heel which made the experience of using them great as they provided the support I needed to face my long workdays.

Secondly, the shoes came with a breathable mesh lining and padded collars which made putting on and maintaining my feet cool and fresh much easier.

Safety Features

Walking all day long at the school brings all sorts of risks for teachers.

One of those is slipping and falling into hard floors, which is why I appreciated the M-select Grip sole which provided extreme traction on all surfaces I tested the shoes on.

Durability Features

Durability is what all teachers look for in their next pair of shoes as they don’t want to see their hard-earned money in shoes that don’t last them more than a few months.

Luckily, these Merrell Encore Gust Slip-on shoes came manufactured with 100% full-grain leather which is a great indicator for durability and gives the shoes a great and professional look that’s suitable for a teacher to wear.

Features and Specifications

  • 100% Full Grain Leather
  • M-Select Grip Sole
  • Polished Slip-On With Supportive Sole Unit And Padded Collar
  • Merrell Air Cushion In The Heel Absorbs Shock
  • Compression Molded Eva Footframe For Stability And Comfort
  • Ortholite Footbed
  • Breathable Mesh Lining Wicks To Keep Feet Dry
  • Molded Nylon Arch Shank

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are more than 1627 reviews in about this product at the time of writing and they have given it a 4.5 out of 5 rating on average.

4) Clarks Women’s Cloudsteppers Sillian Paz Slip-On Loafer Shoes For Teachers

Best Shoes For Teachers 4) Clarks Women

Comfort Features

In terms of comfort, what these Clarks CloudSteppers shoes for female teachers have are features such as ortholite footbeds which made the experience of wearing the boots for standing all day long (which is what a teacher does for most of their day) much better.

On top of that, the shoes came manufactures with a soft fabric lining that turned these boots into a lightweight and good looking pair of shoes.

Safety Features

From time to time, they are exposed to slipping and falling at the school where they work.

This is why I appreciate features such as lightweight shock-absorbing midsoles that these shoes have as they provide great traction without making the shoes too heavy or bulky.

Durability Features

I still am yet to find a worse sensation than watching your 100+ dollars pair of shoes breaking apart after only a few months. And I think that’s the case for most of you too.

Features such as these Clarks’s shoes great quality soft fabric linings provide that level of quality that gives you the guarantee your shoes are going to last AT LEAST a few years, regardless of the level of use you give them.

Features and Specifications

  • Synthetic Sole
  • Heel Measures Approximately 1.5″
  • Cushion Soft
  • Ortholite Foot Bed
  • Soft Fabric Lining
  • Removable Cushion Soft With Ortholite Footbed
  • Lightweight, Shock-Absorbing Eva Outsole

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are more than 2432 reviews in about this product at the time of writing and they have given it a 4.3 out of 5 rating on average.

5) Skechers Men’s Glides Calculous Slip-On Loafer Shoes For Teachers

Best Shoes For Teachers 5) Skechers Men

Comfort Features

To provide a great comfort experience, these Skechers Glides Calculous shoes for teachers came with a soft fabric lining and loafer style raised smooth front panels that gave the shoes a great look and made them extremely comfortable during the testing period I gave to them.

Moreover, the shoes came with gel-infused memory foam footbeds and shock-absorbing midsoles that made walking or standing all day on hard surfaces (what a teacher does all day) something enjoyable as I had all the cushioning my feet needed.

To improve even more the comfort experience, these shoes added a relaxed fit design, padded collars, and dual side elastic fabric panels that made the actions of putting on and taking off the shoes delightful.

Safety Features

To maintain teachers away from injuries, features like flexible traction outsoles were added to the shoes to give them perfect traction on all surfaces at their schools where they work.

Durability Features

Durability is essential for teachers as they are more than used to see their expensive pairs of shoes frustratingly break apart after only 2 to 6 months of light to medium use.

This is why I’m always happy to see when features like a smooth oiled leather upper and stitching accents are implemented into the structure of these Skechers shoes as they not only give them a good look but also make them rugged and durable.

Features and Specifications

  • Smooth Oiled Leather Upper
  • Slip-On Dress Casual Comfort Loafer Design
  • Stitching Accents
  • Stitched Seam Accented Moc Toe Front
  • Soft Fabric Collar Panel Trim
  • Loafer-Style Raised Smooth Front Panel
  • Dual Side Elastic Fabric Panels For Easy Slip-On Fit
  • Padded Collar
  • Soft Fabric Shoe Lining
  • Relaxed Fit&Reg; Design For A Roomy Comfortable Fit
  • Gel Infused Memory Foam Full Length Cushioned Comfort Insole
  • Shock Absorbing Lightweight Supportive Midsole
  • Stripe Detail On Midsole
  • 1 1/4 Inch Heel
  • Flexible Traction Outsole

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are more than 1345 reviews in about this product at the time of writing and they have given it a 4.5 out of 5 rating on average.

My Verdict: The Best Shoes For Teachers Are

Best Shoes For Teachers My Verdict: The Best Shoes for Teachers Are

Clarks Men’S Escalade Step Shoes For Teachers

I chose these shoes as the best shoes for teachers for many reasons. If you’d like to read about them make sure to click the button down below to go to the shoes’ review!


Quick Comparison Table


1) Clarks Men's Escalade Step Shoes for Teachers




2) Dr. Scholl's Shoes Women's Madison Fashion Shoes for Teachers




3) Merrell Men's Encore Gust Slip-On Shoes for Teachers




4) Clarks Women's CloudSteppers Sillian Paz Slip-On Loafer Shoes for Teachers




5) Skechers Men's Glides Calculous Slip-On Loafer Shoes for Teachers




Must-Have Features For The Best Shoes For Teachers

Best Shoes For Teachers Must Have Features for The Best Shoes for Teachers

There are a certain combination of features teachers should look for in their next pair of shoes, if they want to solve all the needs they have in terms of their footwear at least.

This is my attempt to let you know what those features are so you can save a lot of time and money.

1) Comfort Features

A) Shock Absorbing Footbeds & Midsoles

I bet if someone told a teacher they could wipe off all the pains they get after working most of their workday on their feet they wouldn’t believe it, they just wouldn’t.

But the reality of it is that if you get shoes with shock-absorbing footbeds and midsoles most of the stress that standing on your feet on hard surfaces puts on your feet is gonna be absorbed by these attributes letting your feet rest and recover.

B) Choose Just For You

As to what type of shoes to get it’s pretty important that you get shoes made for teachers’ specific needs and not running shoes as these tend not to have ALL the features teachers need to solve all their issues.

I mean, they might look good and feel good at the beginning but the truth is that you’ll end up regretting your purchase after only a few months.

C) Proper Looks

Getting ergonomic shoes might be fairly easy to achieve, but teachers need more than that.

They need shoes that not only are comfortable but that also look professional as they aren’t at the gym, but in an educational establishment.

So, my advice is for you to take your time and find the right pair of shoes that actually look good and feel good too.

2) Protection Features

A) Waterproofing & Insulation

I hate when my feet get wet or too cold, I just hate it, and I know most teachers go through this as they live in cities with tough weathers and do not use the proper footwear for these.

This is why I always recommend teachers getting shoes with proper waterproofing and insulation if they happen to live in places where it rains a lot or where it is too cold.

B) Slip & Oil Resistant Outsoles

Have you ever slipped and felt at school? Well, I have, and let me tell you it’s not funny at all!

This is why I recommend other teachers to get shoes with superior slip and oil resistant outsoles that will give them the mental calmness that no matter what, they’ll still have the best traction possible on all surfaces.

3) Durability Features

A) Good Quality Materials & Construction Methods

Knowing that you spent your money correctly is an assurance most teachers look for when we are about to spend 100+ dollars on a pair of shoes.

Going for shoes with good quality materials used in reliable construction methods to manufacture them is the best way to get the guarantee that your hard-earned money was destined into a pair of shoes that were going to last for years instead of a few months.

How Did I Test The Best Shoes For Teachers

Best Shoes For Teachers How Did I Test The Best Shoes for Teachers

These are the test I performed (with much detail) to find the best shoes for teachers (at least those that are best in my view). In the case of the shoes for female teachers, the tests were performed by my wife.

Comfort Test

During the comfort test, I made sure to carry a notepad all day at the school with me and write down exactly how comfortable the shoes being tested felt every hour. I did this for more than 3 weeks with each pair of shoes.

Those that were the most comfortable and didn’t lead me to any feet pain, remained on to be tested in terms of protection and durability.

Protective Test

In the protection test, I threw some liquids on different floors and tested how well their traction was by walking on them.

If they didn’t give me any security when walking on those surfaces, that specific pair of shoes was written off the list.

Durability Test

Finally, to test each shoes’ durability features, I made sure to beat each pair as hard as I could during my daily routine.

If the shoes ‘survived’ to this test with flying colors, then I took that pair of shoes and proudly added it to the list of the best shoes for teachers.

Benefits Of The Best Shoes For Teachers

Best Shoes For Teachers Benefits of The Best Shoes for Teachers

There are considerable benefits that come with selecting any of the shoes listed in this article. The following list speaks about the most important ones:

Be Professional And Comfortable At The Same Time!

Rather than being all looks, the best pair of shoes for teachers should not only be extremely comfortable but also should have a proper look to be used in a school setting, right?

The good news is that if you take any pair of shoes out of the list of the best shoes for teachers listed in this article, you’ll find a shoe that won’t only be comfortable but will also look according to be used by a teacher.

No More Pain

The long hours walking around or standing on their feet that teachers have to deal with daily have a more than negative impact in their feet and joints which ultimately brings up all sorts of pains.

Luckily, the best shoes for teachers listed in this article, have all the features to absorb the shocks that dealing with these issues puts on your feet and joints which leaves you feeling happy and proud of your recent purchase!

Get Features Made Just For You!

Most shoes teachers use do not take into consideration the physiological differences between men and women.

This situation frequently leads to women suffering because they are using shoes with attributes mostly directed to men and men suffering the other way around too!

The good news is that this list of the best shoes for teachers has options for both sexes which completely cancels this issue!

Prevent Injuries

Finally, teachers lead with the risk of slipping and getting injured pretty often while doing their jobs as most shoes ‘for teachers’ do not have the proper safety features to avoid this important problem.

Luckily for you, any of the shoes reviewed in this article have attributes enough to guarantee you the best traction on any surface and clear your mind of any fears related to you getting injured!

Pro Tips For Teachers

Best Shoes For Teachers Pro Tips for Teachers

If you want to make your life much better in regards to your feet issues, then I think you should follow at least three of the following five tips.

Use Comfy Footwear (Duh!)

There’s nothing more efficient at making your feet happy and preventing long term injuries than using comfortable and ergonomic shoes.

Your mind will never be clear to do your job right if you’re not comfortable which is why I put so much effort into researching and writing this article.

Take Seating Breaks

Taking rests is as essential as using comfortable footwear as it’s the only way to make sure that your muscles and joints will get the rest they need after teaching all day on your feet.

In that way, you’ll prevent many of the negative consequences that sometimes teaching generates in your body.


The sole activity of stretching might also be a life-savior in terms of preventing teachers from dealing with pains as it lets your blood flow more efficiently through your muscles letting them recover in a much faster manner.


You might be asking a lot of questions in terms of the next pair of shoes (if you’re a teacher at least).

This is my attempt to answer most of those questions so you don’t have to waste the time and energy it takes to get them.

What Are The Recommended Heights For The Best Shoes For Teachers?

In terms of height, I think your shoes should not be too tall at all as you want to maximize their comfort features, and if the shoe is too tall then your ankles will feel trapped and your experience using the shoes will substantially decrease.

If you want to avoid the anxiety that comes with working next to really heavy objects that, if they were to fall, could seriously injure your toes, you have to get work boots with safety toes. This is why I liked these

How Do I Take Care Of The Boots?

Shoes are pretty difficult to take care which is why I made the following guide to make it easy for you to follow and maintain your shoes:

First, clean your shoes with a damp cloth. Make sure the shoes are clean as much as possible as it is essential for the following step. If you have to repeat the process many times, then do it.

Then, let the boots dry in a hot and dry environment.

After that, if the shoes are made of leather, apply a thin layer of leather conditioner and massage the shoes with a dry and clean cloth.

After the massage is done and the conditioner is mostly gone, let the shoes dry for 2 to 5 hours and voila! they are done.


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