The Best Work Boots for High Arches [Updated Guide + 5 Reviews]

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Last Updated on February 8, 2024 by Azad Asf

There are many issues workers suffering from high arches have to deal with daily, such as…

  • Stabbing or burning pain in the feet (also known as ‘plantar fasciitis’)
  • Instability in the ankles
  • Sharp pain in the ball of the foot (metatarsalgia)
  • Buckling in and curling downwards of toes to deal with the pain of high heels, which could also lead to severe corns and calluses (also known as ‘claw toes’)
  • The traumatic pains that come with the high arches condition, such as:
    • Not having the proper supportive footwear to deal with the pains that high arches bring
    • Working on their feet for long work shifts (sometimes 8 to 12 hours straight)
    • Friction and blisters that come as a result of their high-arched feet dancing inside the boots without proper support
    • Slipping and falling when walking on slippery surfaces as most work boots do not provide a good traction
    • Dealing with the frustration that comes with spending more than 100 dollars on a pair of shoes that is not durable at all, which only lasts them no more than 6 months

These issues ask from work boots to have a specific set of features that will directly target all the problems previously discussed.

Through this article, I’ll give you a list of work boots that gather all those features to help you fight the battle against high arches so you don’t have to waste your time and money.

List Of The Best Work Boots For High Arches

As I previously told you, this is the list of the best work boots for high arches I arrived to after an extensively testing:

1) Thorogood Men’s American Heritage 6″ Work Boots For High Arches

Comfort Features

Comfort features are essential for people suffering from high arches as they need that extra arch support that they don’t get naturally.

Luckily, these Thorogood American Heritage work boots came with shock absorption footbeds which provided my feet the cushioning they so much needed and fiberglass shanks which were essential in giving me the stability necessary to substantially improve my experience while using this specific pair of boots.

Safety Features

The best way to make sure that you’re not going to slip and get injured when walking on slippery surfaces at the place you work at is by getting work boots such as this one that has a MAXWear Wedge slip-resistant outsole that gave me perfect traction when walking on those kinds of surfaces.

There’s no better feeling than knowing that your feet are completely safe when using a certain pair of work boots.

On that account, these Thorogood work boots came manufactured with electric shock-resisting soles that are capable of resisting up to 18,000 volts, which might seem too much, but is a pretty nice security feature to have when you work near live wires like some workers do.

Another great protective feature these Thorogood boots have is their safety toes which make them perfect for us workers exposed to constantly being around heavy objects that could fall at any time and crush our toes.

Durability Features

I have the guarantee that these Thorogood American Heritage work boots will endure my demanding type of use for many years as they came built with the widely-known Goodyear Storm Welt Construction Methods that has proved me time and time again that is a great manufacturing method that makes any pair of work boots last for years.

Features and Specifications

  • Constructed Or Manufactured With Electric Shock-Resisting Soles And Heels Capable Of Withstanding An Application Of 18,000 Volts (Root Mean Square (RMS) Value) At 60 Hz For 1 Minute With No Current Flow Or Leakage Current In Excess Of 1.0 Milliamperes Under Dry Conditions
  • Class I/75 Footwear Retains A .500 Inch (1/2 Inch) For Men And .468 Inch (15/32 Inch) For Women Or Greater Clearance After A Nominal Impact Of 75 Foot-Pounds (101.7J), I.E., A 50 Pound Weight Dropped, Reaching 117.9; 2.4 Inches Per Second Velocity At Impact. Compression: Class C/75 Footwear Retains A .500 Inch (1/2 Inch) After Compression Of 2500 Lbs. (11,121 N) Or Greater
  • Removable Ultimate Shock Absorption Footbed On Poron Comfort Cushion Insole
  • Fiberglass Shank
  • Single-Density Polyurethane Maxwear Wedge – Maxwear Wedge Slip Resistant Outsole
  • Goodyear Storm Welt Construction

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are more than 855 reviews in about this product at the time of writing and they have given it a 4.4 out of 5 rating on average.

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2) Wolverine Men’s Overpass 6″ Composite Work Boots For High Arches

Comfort Features

What if I told you I found a pair of work boots that’s not only protective and durable but that also substantially helps you in your fight against high arches?

Yes, I’m talking about these Wolverine Overpass work boots that came with impressive features such as their ortholite footbeds and flexible construction that were essential in proving my feet the arch support they needed to let them rest and avoid any kind of pain.

Safety Features

To make the deal with this work boots even greater, the guys at Wolverine added impressive safety features such as slip, water, oil, and abrasion-resistant outsoles that gave me enough traction to walk on any slippery surface without the fear of slipping and injuring myself.

Have you ever felt your toes crushed by a heavy tool, like a hammer, after it felt from a nearby surface? Well, me neither and I pretend it to remain in that way.

That’s why I loved these Wolverine work boots as they came with composite safety toes that surpassed well-respected quality standards which gave me the mental tranquility that I would never have to face that awful experience.

Additionally, the boots came with a premium waterproofing and abrasion-resistant toes which gave me that extra layer of safety and convenience to be able to adapt myself to any environment.

Durability Features

A great way for manufacturers to make sure that the work boots they produce are going to last is investing the proper amount of money in developing a reliable construction method to the work boots they are about to manufacture.

Even though this happens fewer and fewer times, this was the case with these Wolverine Overpass work boots as they came built on an athletic counter welt construction which not only gave me a great experience of comfort but also gave the boots that level of ruggedness most work boots need to be able to survive on good shape for years.

Features and Specifications

  • Flexible, Athletic Contour Welt Construction Moves With You By Bending And Flexing At Essential Points
  • Premium Waterproof Leather With Abrasion Resistant Toe
  • Removable Ortholite Cushioned Footbed For All-Day Comfort
  • Slip, Oil, Water, Abrasion, And Chemical-Resistant Outsole For Added Protection On The Job Site
  • Composite Toe Astm F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 Eh

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are more than 846 reviews in about this product at the time of writing and they have given it a 4.4 out of 5 rating on average.

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3) Timberland Pro Men’s 52562 Endurance 6″ Work Boots For High Arches

Comfort Features

To make sure that my feet arches were properly supported the boots offered great features such as single-density open-cell PU footbeds and anti-fatigue midsoles which were essential for letting my feet rest and recover properly.

Moreover, they came with fiberglass shanks that gave added support and stability which become vital when you’re out there working on your feet for 10 to 12 hours suffering from high arches.

To top things off, these Timberland 52562 work boots came with mesh antimicrobial linings and padded top collards which made the experience of using them much better as they kept my feet smelling fresh and comfy.

Safety Features

I’m the type of worker that likes to be safe at any time, which is why I loved the slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant outsoles these Timberland shoes came with as they gave me reliable traction when walking on slippery surfaces, thus, keeping me safe from any slips and injuries.

Additionally, these work boots came with steel toes and a Steel-Flex puncture-resistant underfoot protection that kept my toes and feet insulated from any risks from both top and bottom.

To make their work boot even safer, the guys at Timberland added other great protective attributes such as electrical hazard protection which gave me the assurance I wouldn’t get electrocuted when working near live wires.

Durability Features

These work boots go above and beyond in terms of durability.

I mean, they came with features such as a rugged full-grain leather, a cement construction and abrasion-resistant toes which made these Timberland boots to be not only tough to beat, but also comfortable and with short break-in time.

Features and Specifications

  • Abrasion Resistant Rubber Double Toe For Increased Wear And Protection
  • Puncture-Resistant Plate For Flexible Underfoot Protection
  • Electrical Hazard Protection
  • Steel Toe Shaped On A Titan Last For Protection And A Superior Fit
  • Rugged Full-Grain Leather For Comfort And Durability
  • Cement Construction For A Flexibility And Break-In Time
  • Mesh Antimicrobial Lining For Odor Control And Comfortable Feet
  • Slip, Oil, And Abrasion Resistant Outsole
  • Contoured single-density Open-Cell Pu Footbed
  • Lightly Padded Collar With Heel Pull Tab For Your Convenience.
  • Cushioned Pu Midsole Featuring Anti-Fatigue Technology With Conical Geometry
  • Fiberglass Shank For Added Support
  • Steel-Flex&Reg; Puncture-Resistant Plate For Flexible Underfoot Protection

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are more than 977 reviews in about this product at the time of writing and they have given it a 4.4 out of 5 rating on average.

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4) Keen Utility Men’s Flint Mid Work Boots For High Arches

Comfort Features

Have you ever really gotten a pair of work boots that did something for your feet arches?

No? Well, it’s not your fault, it’s very difficult to find a pair of work boots that do that.

Lucky for you, this Keen Utility Flint work boots did exactly that as they came with stability shanks, dual-density midsoles, and Anke-cut footbeds that cushioned and supported my feet arches in every step I took. Even when I had to work on my feet for 12 hours straight on heavy surfaces!

Additionally, these work boots came with attributes such as breathable mesh panels and side cutouts which aided in the ventilation of my feet, keeping them dry and smelling fresh.

Finally, to add a bit more comfort to the mix, these boots came with padded top collars that made the experience of putting on and taking off the boots much better.

Safety Features

The safety steel toes these Keen Utility Flint work boots come with also aided me in maintaining my mind free of worries as I knew if some of the heavy tools laying around had fallen into my toes, nothing would have happened.

Features and Specifications

  • Shaft Measures Approximately Mid-Calf From Arch
  • Ankle-Cut Work Boot With Removable Footbed And Non-Marking Sole
  • Padded Tongue And Collar
  • Breathable Mesh Panels
  • Side Cutouts To Ventilate
  • Dual-Density Midsole Adds Cushioning
  • Stability Shank Provides The Support You Need For Long Days On Your Feet.
  • Left And Right Asymmetrical Steel Toe

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are more than 698 reviews in about this product at the time of writing and they have given it a 4.3 out of 5 rating on average.

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5) Danner Men’s Vicious 4.5″ Work Boots For High Arches

Comfort Features

With impressive features such as dual-density EVA footbeds and a Trailguard platform, these Danner Vicious work boots provided my feet with that arch support they much needed.

Moreover, knowing that you spent your money in a pair of work boots with moisture protected leather that keeps your feet smelling fresh and a speed lace system that provides a great fit is something that you’re going to enjoy if you get this pair of Danner work boots.

Safety Features

Seeing how your hard-earned money is spent on a pair of work boots that’s not only supportive but also really protective is something to be proud of, right?

The good news is that’s exactly what happened to me when I got these Danner Vicious work boots as they came with great features such as their oil and slip-resistant outsoles which gave me perfect traction on slippery surfaces and composite toes which provided that extra layer of protection to my toes that all workers need.

Additionally, the guys at Danner added other safety features such as a reliable waterproofing membrane and electrical hazard protection which kept my feet dry when exposed to the rain or water and free of any worries when working near live wires.

Durability Features

Most work boots marketed for high arches don’t have quality features that make them durable. In fact, most of them won’t last you more than a year as they’re made with cheap materials.

Luckily, these Danner Vicious work boots came with great features such as their abrasions resistant toe and heel caps, and with a full-grain leather that made the boots rugged and resistant to any type of beating.

Features and Specifications

  • Trailguard Platform Provides Lightweight, Seamless Support.
  • Abrasion-Resistant Toe Cap For Durability.
  • Composite Toe Rated Astm F2413-11 I/75 C/75.
  • Electrical Hazard Resistant.
  • Dual-Density Eva Midsole For Extra Shock Absorption And Comfort.
  • The Oil And Slip Resistant Outsole Has A Low Profile 90-Degree Heel Making It Versatile.
  • Abrasion-Resistant Heel Cap.
  • Waterproof, Breathable Gore-Tex Liner.
  • Full Grain Leather Offers Comfortable Moisture Protection.
  • Speed Lace System For A Secure.

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are more than 433 reviews in about this product at the time of writing and they have given it a 4.5 out of 5 rating on average.

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My Verdict: The Best Work Boots For High Arches Are

Danner Men’S Vicious 4.5″ Work Boots For High Arches

Would you like to know why I chose these Daner work boots as the best work boots for high arches then click the button down below to read the review!


Quick Comparison Table

Work Boots

1) Thorogood Men's American Heritage 6" Work Boots for High Arches




2) Wolverine Men's Overpass 6" Composite Work Boots for High Arches




3) Timberland PRO Men's 52562 Endurance 6" Work Boots for High Arches




4) KEEN Utility Men's Flint Mid Work Boots for High Arches




5) Danner Men's Vicious 4.5" Work Boots for High Arches




Must-Have Features For The Best Work Boots For High Arches

After much testing and research, these are the must have-features I think all work boots for high arches should have:

1) Comfort Features

A) Cushioned Footbeds & Shock Absorbing Midsoles

Spending your hard-earned money on work boots with cushioned footbeds and shock-absorbing midsoles might be a great idea as this is a good way to make sure that your arches can have the support needed to let your feet rest in a secure and comfy position.

B) Arch Support Shanks

Problems with arch support are the soul and heart of the consequences of high arches.

This is why I recommend getting work boots with arch support shanks that will give your arches the support they need to let your feet recover and, more importantly, will let you avoid all pain.

C) Additional Soft Pads

A really good way of solving the pains generated from high arches is buying additional soft pads which will give your feet that extra protection they need to support your arches and prevent any more suffering.

D) Be Specific

What if I told you that you don’t need to go for regular running shoes (instead of work boots) to deal with the pains brought by high arches?

Even though most workers suffering from this condition decide to go for regular shoes, you should make an effort and try to find those work boots that have the features that not only will help you with your high arches but also give you the comfort, protection, and durability a good pair of work boots should.

2) Protection Features

A) Slip & Oil Resistant Outsoles

I always remember something that my mom said constantly: “better be safe than sorry!”.

It might sound stupid but it stuck with me and that’s what I’m telling you right now. You should get work boots with slip and oil resistant outsoles that will give you the traction most workers need as they’re very used to walking on slippery surfaces.

B) Composite Safety Toes

If your type of job is a bit risky and unsafe for your feet, then the best idea would be to add composite safety toes to the list of features to get in your next pair of work boots for high arches as it will provide efficient protection to your toe area without adding to much weight or bulkiness to the boot.

3) Durability Features

A) Good Materials & Reliable Construction Methods

Nothing feels worse than seeing how your money is wasted on a low-quality pair of work boots, right?

This is why I always recommend workers to get work boots made with good quality materials and manufactured following reliable construction methods as this is the best way to make sure you will avoid that awful feeling.

How Did I Test The Best Work Boots For High Arches

Best Work Boots For High Arches How Did I Test The Best Work Boots for High Arches

Many of you ask us what is the process we follow to select the boots (very frequently, to be honest).

So, for those that are interested, here is the testing I did with all the work boots recommended in this article:

Comfort Test

First, I did a comfort test in which I made sure to be on my feet for long hours on hards surfaces (which is what most workers do) to see how supportive the boots are and how well the feet felt inside the boot.

I mean, I don’t want my feet dancing around the boot’s inside when suffering from high arches because that would just worsen the situation.

Protective Test

Following the comfort test, I performed a protective test in which I made sure to walk on heavy surfaces to see what type of traction the outsoles of the work boots being tested provided.

Moreover, if the boots had safety toes I made sure to let heavy tools fall from a safe height to see how well the safety toes protected my toes.

Durability Test

Finally, I did a durability test where I made sure to extensively test the quality of the materials used by wearing each work boots for months straight, beating them every chance I had.

As a result, I selected those that kept the best shape and held all their features together.

Benefits Of The Best Work Boots For High Arches

Best Work Boots For High Arches Benefits of The Best Work Boots for High Arches

If by any chance, you decide to get any of the boots listed in this article you will enjoy some really good benefits, such as:

Avoid The Painful Life Of Dealing With High Arches

Rather than saving on costs, all the manufacturers listed in this article chose very well comfortable, and ergonomic features to add to their work boots.

In fact, they were so good that all of them provided me the support my feet needed to significantly reduce the consequences of dealing with high arches.

Spread The Pressure

With most of their weight being shifted to the ball and heel of the foot, workers suffering from high arches need specific features to help them in dealing with this situation.

Luckily, any of the best work boots for high arches listed in this article have the life-saving features to help them in spreading the pressure that their weight generates on their feet (thanks to their awesome ergonomic features) which substantially reduce their pain and discomfort.

Avoid Injuries And Other Frustrations

It’s difficult to find a feeling that rivals the sensation a worker gets when their hard-earned money is spent on work boots that last and give them great help in terms of their problems with high arches.

The good news is that any of the 5 work boots reviewed here have enough attributes to assure workers both great durability and support which is essential for avoiding the intense frustration you get after you see your 100 or 200 dollar work boots destroyed a few months past their purchase or when you can’t walk at the end of your workday due to pains related to high arches.

Exercises For People Suffering From High Arches

There are a lot of additional things you could do to help you deal with the consequences of high arches.

Some of those things are:

Otc (Over-The-Counter) Medication

Even though you have to be very careful with this tip, there are some OTC meds that you could take to reduce inflammation and pain after working 10 or 12 hours straight on hard surfaces with little to no rest.

You can consult a doctor or your local pharmacist to help you with what you could take.

Silicone Foot Pads

There are removable silicone foot pads that you can place in the footbed of your work boots to give you the additional support that you lack, being a worker that suffers from high arches.

Night Splints

These are a bit controversial as they tend to be a bit uncomfortable for some workers.

Night splints help you in stretching your feet’ arch while you sleep which could help you in molding your feet into a more ergonomic shape which, if achieved, should decrease the consequences of high arches substantially.


Yes, as you read it, just ice.

There are a lot of advantages as just putting ice pads in your arches as it is a natural way to reduce inflammation as cold effectively reduces blood flow.

Additionally, it’s a perfect way to avoid taking OTC meds if you are not a fan of that option as both have the same objective (that being, reducing inflammation).

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ workers ask in regards to what work boots are best for dealing with high arches.

This is my attempt to solving most of them:

Am I Suffering From High Arches?

The easy way to know if you have high arches is just by standing on a dry piece of paper with your feet wet for five seconds.

After the time passes, step out and take a good look at the paper. If you see two wet circles without a shape connecting them, that means you have high arches as your arches are so high that it won’t even touch the surface you’re stepping on, only the heel and front part of your feet will.

What Are The Consequences Of High Arches?

Consequences are pretty hard for workers that suffer from high arches. I mean, to say the least, you’ have to deal with:

  • Plantar Fasciitis: it’s exposed by a deep pain on the heel of your feet, but it could also ‘spread’ to the rest of the feet, depending on how high are your arches
  • Claw Toes: it shows when your toes curl downwards, in a claw-like form, which is a way your feet have to deal with the pressure created by the high arches
  • Hammertoes: this is a condition where the middle toe gets bent in the middle joint permanently, which often leads to surgery.
  • Metatarsalgia: this happens when a profound pain appears in the ball of your feet
  • Ankle instability due to the pain in heels and front part of the feet

What Do I Need To Deal With High Arches?

Have you ever seen those footpads or removable insoles that provide extra support and cushioning to the feet’s arch?

Well, that’s exactly what you need to provide the support your feet need when suffering from high arches.

Is My Back Pain Related With High Arches?

Besides the obvious pain generated by high heels, there’s also another rare consequence: back pain.

Your body tends to adopt unnatural postures when dealing with feet pain which can cause you back muscles to tear or contract, leaving you with unbearable back pain.

Is My Heel Pain Related With High Arches?

Yes, of course.

As your body weight shifts to your heel and front part of your feet, due to high arches, the muscles located there get overloaded and can tear and become inflamed which leads to a world of pain in your heels.

What Is The Difference Between High Arches And Flat Feet?

With large amounts of information going around the internet, one doesn’t know what’s the difference between flat feet and high arches, right? The good news is I’m gonna try to answer this question.

Flat feet is the condition where the feet don’t have enough arch to maintain an ergonomic shape. In opposition, high arches are the condition where the feet’s arch is too high,

Both conditions lead the feet to adopt unnatural positions which generates incorrect body positions to compensate for the pain, putting to much pressure in parts of the feet where there shouldn’t be as much.

What Is The Impact Of Flat Shoes On My High Arches Condition?

Let’s picture this. You are suffering from high arches and you get flat shoes that don’t provide any arch support whatsoever.

Do You Think This Will Help Your Condition?

Not at all. As you get no arch support, your condition is going to get worse very probably which will worsen your feet pain.

What Are The Recommended Heights For The Best Work Boots For High Arches?

This question is difficult to answer as it’s based on your job and personal preference.

If you choose 6 or 8-inch work boots, you will have less bulky work boots which will be more comfortable and light.

If you get a work boot that’s either 10 or 12 inches, then you will be getting a boot that provides you with more stability and protection at the expense of their bigger size.

What Lacing System Is The Best Work Boots For High Arches?

The answer to this question is also very personal.

For instance, if you get work boots with a speed lacing system you will be getting laces that distribute the pressure of the lacing equally and provide almost zero friction when lacing.

However, if you get a less expensive ‘standard lacing system’ you will be saving on a few bucks at the expense of the durability of your laces and comfort of your feet given that they are not as good as distributing pressure as the previous laces.

How Do I Take Care Of The Boots?

The best way to make sure that you 100+ pair of work boots for high arches will last is following the next process:

Clean them with a damp cloth as many times as it needs to make sure that all the dirt is cleaned.

Then let then boots dry in a worm end dry environment.

After they are dry apply a thin layer of leather conditioner (if the work boots are made of leather) and massage the leather with a clean dry cloth.

Let the boots dry and remove excess conditioner after a few hours (best is 12 hours) with another clean and dry cloth.

What Type Of Insulation Is Best For The Best Work Boots For High Arches?

This is the guide you should follow as to what type of insulation you should get (if you need it at all) for your pair of work boots:

  • 200gr of insulation: when exposed from 30°F to 50°F.
  • 400gr to 600gr of insulation: when exposed from 30°F to 50°F, but it is not expected from you to move a lot and generate body heat.
  • 800gr to 1000gr of insulation: when exposed to extreme cases of low temperature.

Pro Tip: Thinsulate is the best type of insulation material made nowadays as it provides the best isolation from cold possible.

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    I never even put the second boot on….
    Danner Viscous 4.5’s don’t have ANY arch support…as in ZERO arch support.
    You should find another line of work….maybe politics.


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